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Premium Service includes: (as applicable)** 

Engine Fuel System Electrical System Powertrain Steering and Brakes Mower Deck Miscellaneous
Inspect/replace air filter elements Inspect tank, cap, and fuel line for leaks or contamination Load test battery, charge or replace as necessary Inspect for leaks Check operation and linkage Remove shields, clean top side of mower deck Check condition of tires and wheels, adjust air  pressure
Inspect intake system Replace fuel filter(s) Check battery cables/clean terminals, apply battery cable protector spray Inspect rear axle seals Inspect front axle Inspect drive belt(s) and sheaves for damage Lube and grease chassis
Inspect muffler and exhaust system Inspect for Leaks Check neutral start system Inspect belts/drive idlers Inspect front steering spindles/wheel bearings Remove belt(s), check spindles and bearings Inspect seat for damage
Replace spark plug(s) Check operator presence system Inspect transmission pulley Check parking brake operation Check mower deck blade alignment Lube key switch, throttle and choke controls
Change engine oil and filter Check starter operation Check PTO clutch operation Check gear case oil level (if equipped) Pressure wash unit (weather permitting)
Inspect for engine leaks Check alternator output Check transmission fluid (if applicable) Inspect gauge wheels
Inspect engine mounting Check lights Clean underside of deck
Check coolant freeze point Sharpen and balance mower blades, replace if necessary
Install and level mower deck

Additional service(s) due based on hour meter and operator's manual.  Additional charges will apply:

  • Engine valve clearance inspection and adjustment
  • Coolant change
  • Transmission fluid and filter change

**Tax, shop supplies, and transportation charges extra.

    • Transportation fees are charged per unit.
    • Express Service excludes X700 Signature Series Mowers
    • Some models may require additional charge for coolant change and/or transmission fluid and filter change.
    • Shop supplies, taxes, and transportation fees are extra.
    • Applies to John Deere and Toro only.